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The Spinal Home Help peer mentor and counselling team offers a wealth of lived experience, and an enthusiasm for helping others with SCI, as well as their loved ones. With a qualified counsellor and therapist on board and the mentor team always ready to help, we can assist with a range of issues. If you’d like to discuss relationships and intimacy with people who have been in the same situation, if you need a recommendation for a mental health professional, the SHH team can assist

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Spinal Home Help – Gold Coast Connect Group

If you live on the Gold Coast and are struggling to adjust to life after spinal cord injury or just want someone to talk to, support is only around the corner.

The connect group will run in the 3rd week of each month. On the Monday, the group will be for people with spinal cord injury only, to create a space that is patient-focused and aimed at sharing experiences dealing with an SCI from a personal perspective. On the Wednesday,  the group will provide a welcoming space for spouses, family and friends to discuss their struggles and knowledge of experiencing a spinal cord injury second hand, to ask questions and to spend time with fellow carers.

SHH would like to thank Lourens and Julie-Anne very kindly for their generosity in running the networking group and tirelessly working out in the community to support people with spinal cord injury and their families.

Please click -> here <- for our calendar of dates.

For more information, to register your interest in the networking group and to get the address, please contact Julie or Lourens directly (details below).

If you require one-to-one counselling, please contact Lourens directly (details below)


Lourens Botha sustained a C5 incomplete spinal cord injury in 2015 after a surgical misadventure.  Lourens has a background in psychology and counselling and has an extensive history of family, trauma, abuse and substance abuse counselling.  He is committed to helping people with spinal cord injuries to lead meaningful lives and to improve their relationships with spouses, family and friends.

See more about Lourens’ journey here:

Contact: or 0403 137 458

Julie-Anne Botha is the other half of Lourens and has lived experience of being the spouse of someone with a spinal cord injury.  Julie has a passion for helping spouses, family member and friends of people with a spinal cord injury to cope with the changes and new demands that they face.

Julie also operates a Facebook support page for spouses of people with SCI: click –> here

Contact: or 0430 390 051