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PEER-MENTORINGOur peer mentors will work with patients and their families to provide information and support.
Peer mentors can act as a listening post for patients’concerns and provide encouragement and assistance while maintaining professional standards of patient confidentiality.Peer mentors will share their stories,provide solidarity and encouragement,and also demonstrate the kind of accessible and adaptive technology they use; for example, patients will have a chance to see at least a few types of wheelchairs in action,and get some ideas for what kind of modifications and technology they would like to look into for their own needs.

Peer mentors can suggest a range of adaptive technologies and also talk about home modifications, in order to give patients ideas and choices for their own care. The peer mentors can give patients and their families the knowledge and confidence to live their life after experiencing spinal injury while they are still in the hospital, and to move on from the hospital back out into the community after their recovery.

The hospital and spinal unit provides 24/7 care and the environment is fully wheelchair accessible. Patients can adapt and grow comfortable with that environment, but it is different altogether when they leave the spinal unit to go live out in the community once more. The shock of the two contrasting environments and the need to adapt to so much change so quickly can be a challenge for many, and we aim to assist all people with spinal injury and their families to transition from hospital to home as smoothly as possible, with as much support as needed.

The more information provided to patients from service providers and support organisations, and the bigger the range of services that are available to patients from the onset, the more confident patients and their families will be when they embark on their transition back out into the community.