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Having been through it themselves, Spinal Home Help peer mentors know how daunting and stressful the process of modifying ones’ home before leaving the hospital can be. There is such a wide range of options available that narrowing down just what you need can be difficult. That is why SHH volunteers work hard to provide both information and personal demonstrations, where possible, of the kinds of adaptive technology and home modifications that are available. By showing clients the equipment that is available, and also by opening up their own homes to demonstrate accessible housing modifications, our volunteers can give clients some ideas for what changes they may like to make in their own homes, for their own needs and comfort. Making sure that clients are aware of their options and giving them first hand demonstrations wherever possible means that our peer mentors can make the transition from hospital to home just a little easier.

For those individuals who have already left the hospital and are living out in the community, Spinal Home Help is here for you too. We can support individuals and families throughout the process of modifying an existing home, and refer you to the government departments who can take you through the housing process.