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Spinal Home Help (SHH) provides support to people with spinal injuries and their immediate family members once they leave hospital.

Spinal Home Help provide help and support to identify, explore and manage issues that are impacting people’s lives. Some of the issues that are often presented include:

  • Maximising your potential/performance
  • Relationship and marital problems
  • Balancing family and work responsibilities
  • Concerns about your children or family members
  • Changes at work or home
  • Anxiety

Spinal Home Help is a Brisbane based not-for-profit volunteer organisation. Volunteers include people who have experienced a spinal cord injury (SCI) and their partners and friends who donate their time to share their experiences. All volunteers with a SCI are either working, studying or active members of the community. They offer their time to share thoughts on simple strategies to leading an active rewarding lifestyle.

SHH volunteers are available to meet face to face in the local Brisbane area or may be contacted by people living in rural or regional Queensland to discuss issues via Telephone, Email, Facebook or Skype. You can feel comfortable knowing Spinal Home Help will keep the information you tell us confidential unless we receive your consent to do otherwise.

After you’ve met with one of our peer mentors, and feeling comfortable, they will work with you and your family to develop a goal plan. You’ll need to work with Disability Services Queensland in order to establish your support plan for things like medical needs, personal support and funding, but our peer mentors can assist with things like life goals and connecting you with community services. As you progress through your rehabilitation, and develop your plan, our peer mentors will be there to assist and encourage you at each stage. Perhaps a goal in your plan is to get comfortable with public transport before you’re discharged from hospital; one of our peer mentors can accompany you out on a day trip to get you accustomed to the accessibility features. Or perhaps you want to go back to study once you’re back at home – we can incorporate that into your goal plan and the peer mentors can use their life experience and knowledge to support you in reaching that goal. If you can think it, we can support you to do it. 

Contact and services is client driven, and ongoing support is determined by the your assessment of the services. We welcome feedback at all times; the service is for you, and we want to make sure it’s working for you. You, the client, will be involved at all levels of decision making within the range of services we offer.

Spinal Home help offers a range of services, assisting clients out into the community, demonstrating the assistive technology, providing emotional and social support to clients through stressful situations and more. To see more of what we offer, please see the drop-down Services menu. We also act as a referral and information service, to pair clients up with the support or information service they require.


Spinal Home Help is a registered provider of NDIS supports in Plan Management; Tenancy and Accommodation Support (assistance with appeals, acquiring and keeping accessible accommodation); Improved daily living skills; Assistance with daily life; Increased social and community participation.

To find out more about our specific NDIS services please contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: While the peer mentoring service remains free of charge, in order to help SHH cover the costs of our referral and information service we do require an annual membership from anyone requesting ongoing referral or information assistance; we are happy to do a referral or brief recommendation at no charge as a once-off support but repeat referrals as well as personal or systemic advocacy require you to be a member of SHH. While we make sure as many of our programs and services are freely accessible as possible, invitations for some workshops and social events will also be members-only.

Please be aware that NDIS services also incur a fee – this can be paid from your NDIS funding package or paid as a fee-per-hour service if you are not an NDIS participant.

For more information on other services offered in Queensland, please go to our Links page.


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