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26 Sep

Quarterly Roundup – Fun, Fundraisers and the Accommodation Facility

Hi all! Well, it’s been a hard but rewarding last few months, with the accommodation project in full swing and SHH embarking on some exciting changes in the way we organise our governance. Big things are happening!

The inaugural Golf Day Fundraiser, hosted by our generous supporters from the Entamico Foundation, was an absolute hit. Held on September 23rd at the lovely McLeod Golf Course here in Brisbane, attendance was great and all the guests had a very fun day. Players determined to be the next Tiger Woods played alongside those who were mostly interested in an excuse to zoom around in the golf buggy, and added a nice casual feel to the day. Our ambassador Petero Civoniceva generously gave his time to present some prizes at auction, and to give an insight into his work with SHH. Tim Horan also made an appearance to present some prizes as well; all the football fans in the audience were definitely pleased with these two legends of Australian Rugby, that’s for sure! We’d like to say a huge thank you from SHH to our sponsors and supporters, Entamico. You’ve made a lot of our work possible and we appreciate you organising this event for us. Together, we will make great things happen.

In terms of our housing project, we’re negotiating with the government to get access to a block of land so that we can begin building this much needed facility. They have our criteria and prospects are good, so fingers crossed for positive outcomes on that front. We have also been brainstorming some more ideas for the facility itself, and with a little extra work we think this can be something amazing. For one thing, we’re expanding the accommodation to include people with spinal cord injury who are in need of transitional housing and who are from rural and remote areas of Queensland. That way, for patients who are ready to have a weekend or overnight trial to test their strengths and gain confidence outside of hospital, we can offer accessible and supported accommodation. The same will apply for those who are ready to be discharged from the spinal unit but have to wait because their housing modifications or personal support isn’t set up at home yet. Being stuck in hospital longer than you need to be can have serious impacts on mental health and makes people feel like they can’t really get started in making their new life. With this facility, we can make sure people have every chance they deserve to get out and about, complete or begin treatment where needed, and embark on their life with spinal cord injury with as much confidence as they can muster. We also want to create as much as of a community ‘hub’ as possible, with onsite allied health professionals ready to support clients. We plan to build additional office space to rent out to folks whose health services our guests will need, such as an OT, physiotherapist, counsellors and others. We’ll also have an event and seminar space that, when we’re not using it to run our programs and workshops, can be rented out to other community organisations so that they can run their own events and programs. Skill-sharing, community initiatives and grassroots networking, that’s our goal.

We’re also very excited to announce that in partnership with Entamico, and the wonderful Tracey and Craig from DogSchool, we will be bringing one more little ray of sunshine into the lives of people with spinal injury. What support and community facility would be complete without a furry friend to offer companionship and cuddles? A delightful (but very well trained) puppy will work with DogSchool and be put through their paces, to get ready to become a therapy dog for our facility. Families, guests and staff alike will all greatly benefit from having a fluffy companion around – our carpets may not thank us but anyone visiting the facility will appreciate a judgement free and very cuddly companion, and we’re very excited to see how this develops. The prospective pup, along with 6 brothers and sisters, was born over the weekend, and Entamico will keep us posted with updates on how everything progresses. Keep an eye out for news on naming this pup! We’re sending our love to the proud new mum, Blitz, and to her very first litter. She was a trooper!

More news and updates to come: watch this space