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Spinal Home Help has been very busy over the past few months and our volunteers have been hard at work. The first quarter of the year saw some exciting developments and the planning of many great events for our clients, friends, supporters and the wider community!

Our hydrotherapy program has been renewed and is well underway – Greg Taylor of GT Physiotherapy is doing a fantastic job with these weekly sessions, and attendees are enjoying the range of relaxing stretches and exercises. SHH is proud to be offering hydrotherapy free of charge to participants, to promote health and community inclusion. It’s been a handy opportunity to meet people and reap some health benefits at the same time!

Also happening this month of May is the four week art program that our wonderful OT and Access Arts developed together for people with spinal injury. Participants can enjoy meeting new people and catching up with old friends while they learn new skills, practice old ones and make some beautiful art. Running every Monday of May, we’ll be hosting the sessions at the Moorooka Community Centre, so come along and see what you can create. We’re very excited to see the results, but remember that the journey is just as important as the destination.

On the social side of things, SHH will be taking some folks along to Australia Zoo in late May. This day trip has been planned by us and transport pre-arranged, so just bring money for your entry fee and lunch (or bring your own) and bring along a carer if you need. Meet us at SHH in the morning and we can all head to the Sunny Coast for a fun day checking out all the weird and wonderful wildlife. Crikey!

We know it’s a while until the NDIS rolls out in Queensland, but there’s no reason we can’t make sure we’re well prepared! Teaming up with YFS, Spinal Home Help will host two NDIS readiness sessions in early-mid June. The first offers people with a disability, family, friends and carers participant-focused information, encouraging folks to think about how they can utilise the NDIS most effectively and make sure that the scheme will support their needs, wants, plans and dreams. A week afterward we will be hosting a trainer-focused information session, to teach anyone who wants to assist others to understand the NDIS. Whether you’re an advocate, carer, family member or friend, or someone who’s just plain keen to help, this session will give you the skills and information you’ll need to help others prepare for Australia’s exciting national healthcare initiative.

SHH is proud to host these events free of charge for our participants and to provide many different ways to stay happy, healthy and entertained. We hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the cooling weather; check this space for updates and have a look at our calendar for times and dates for all the events mentioned here.

Lastly, we are VERY excited to announce that SHH is teaming up with the TAM Foundation and VIP Access and embarking on a housing project. We are in the process of negotiating with government bodies for a plot of land so that we may build an accommodation house for rural families who are visiting Brisbane. The first few months of anyone’s rehabilitation after having a spinal injury are the hardest, and it’s vital for folks to have support, family and friends close by them during this time. Unfortunately for many rural families, it’s near impossible to find somewhere affordable to stay close by in order to visit their loved one while they stay in the Princess Alexandra Hospital Spinal Unit. This accommodation house will change that, allowing one or two families at a time the opportunity to stay in affordable, fully accessible accommodation close to the hospital, so that they are not far from their loved one. Watch this space for more updates on this project.