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16 Feb

SpinalCARE – Petition for a National Spinal Cord Injury Database – 16.02.16

From the Spinal Cord Injury Network website:
We have launched an online petition seeking funding from the Australian Federal Government to use ‘SpinalCARE’ to accrue data on all new cases of spinal cord injury across Australia.

The database we propose would involve collecting all current information (paper and digital) and programming it to include easily readable fields and capable of complex comparisons. It will also be used to add information about patients once they have left a facility and moving forward with their injury.

Our vision is the finalised ‘SpinalCARE’ database will be free to access for approved medical, research, and educational facilities.

Creating a national spinal cord injury registry could:

  • Reduce the costs to the economy by providing insight to help facilitate effective quality improvement activities.
  • Assist with collaborative research translation.
  • Improve the quality of service planning, service delivery, care, and outcomes and for people with spinal cord injury.
  • Support clinical trials already in place by providing ongoing data and therefore cut the costs of research.
  • Provide data for future clinical trials and therefore reduce future funding costs.

The Australian Spinal Cord Injury Network are actively campaigning the Federal Government, and we have been collecting support from various units, institutions, organisations and education bodies –but we need your support!

Help build a fundamental foundation for the future of spinal cord injury treatment, research and clinical trials in Australia.

We encourage you to take action and get behind this project. Sign our petition. Share our petition on social media, and email. Send a letter or organize a meeting with your local MP.

Let us know if you would be available for media interviews to talk about supporting SpinalCARE.