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23 Jun

Moving Forward

Hi everyone. This post is another followup to my earlier blog posts, in which I discussed a particular organisation, a service provider for people with spinal injury here in Queensland.

I am so glad now that the NDIS has arrived in some parts of Queensland; it gives people with spinal cord injury (SCI) a choice to say who they would like to go with as a service provider, and the ability to choose supports that they are comfortable with. As the NDIS continues to roll-out across the state and this situation of promoting more independence for people with disability continues, more power will be taken from this particular organisation, and given to people with SCI and their families to make more informed choices for themselves. We are the ones who know what we need, who know our situation and what supports and services we need to achieve our goals. I know some of you been comfortable letting a big service provider look after you in the past, and for those who complained, those complaints often fell on deaf ears and nothing was changed by the provider. But these are things you can change yourself.

Even before the NDIS rolls out, there are other service providers out there, and once the scheme rolls out there will be even more choice. There are providers out there who will listen to you, and make sure your needs are met. The good thing with some smaller providers is that they do pay more attention to their clients. They do ask for feedback and actually respond to that feedback, trying to solve the problem as soon as they can. But with a lot of bigger providers, complaints will go unanswered. They often don’t really care who you are because they have so many clients to keep themselves going; and they already don’t meet the needs of every client they have, so one more complaint doesn’t tend to change much. For those of you with the block funding, with the NDIS rolling out, you can break out from that funding model and explore all your new options. You won’t be tied down like you were before, and will have more freedom and access to supports; the bonus part is finally being able to say exactly how your funding is spent, which I know a lot of people will appreciate.

We’re the only ones that can make this difference in our lives and our futures. We can all move forward together, making the most of this chance and stopping a long history of big service providers making our decisions for us.

If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the Spinal Home Help team. If you need any help, we are happy to assist; you can send us an email on I look forward to hearing from you all.