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Get Involved

Participate in a Survey

In partnership with 180DC Consulting, Spinal Home Help is running a very important survey to review current SCI support services for people with spinal injury and their loved ones, and to make sure that people are having their needs heard during a time of great change for disability services in Queensland.  This research includes the perspectives not only of people with SCI but of their family members and support networks as well; current patients and those already living out in the community alike are encouraged to participate. The survey is mostly multiple choice and may take around 10-15 minutes to complete. Click the button below for the survey that is most relevant to you.






Volunteer With Us

If you’d like to get involved in any of our programs, services or organising, and have experience with spinal cord injury or working for a non-profit organisation, let us know! Spinal Home Help is volunteer run and led, with all our dedicated staff donating their time to support the work that we do. We’re always grateful for your support and welcoming of new volunteers, especially those who have skills or experience in:

  • Program development and coordination
  • Spinal cord injuries advocacy and support
  • Networking, fundraising and event management
  • Grant applications and budgeting

If you’d like to join us or enquire more about our volunteering program, send us an email at or give us a call on (07) 3189 3414 – we’d love to have you on board!

Support Our Campaign

You can support our campaign to build Australia’s first spinal injuries support centre by signing and sharing this petition – testimonials and reasons for signing are extremely helpful as well! Petition link:

Donations and Sponsorships

Spinal Home Help receives no ongoing federal, state or local government funding. Our work is upheld through the generosity of our supporters, donors and sponsors, and the vast majority of our programs and services remain free of charge for people with spinal cord injuries and their families. Help us keep this work going – donate today through our GiveNow portal, come on board as a sponsor or enquire about the ways you can assist us by getting in touch on (07) 3189 3414 or


Membership of Spinal Home Help is open to anyone who can benefit from, or assist, the work that we do for people with spinal cord injury and their families. Each year, members will be invited to the AGM, to be a part of our day to day work and help to shape the organisation’s future. Our member networks and events, in addition to the Spinal Home Help newsletter, will be open and available for all members. There are four member classes available: please see below for criteria.

PLEASE NOTE: While the peer mentoring service remains free of charge, in order to help SHH cover the costs of our referral and information service we do require an annual membership from anyone requesting ongoing referral or information assistance; we are happy to do a referral or brief recommendation at no charge as a once-off support but repeat referrals as well as personal or systemic advocacy require you to be a member of SHH. While we make sure as many of our programs and services are freely accessible as possible, invitations for some workshops and social events will also be members-only.

Ordinary member – You must be at least 18 years of age and have a spinal cord injury or disability due to spinal cord injury (either by accident or disease, including polio), or be the parent, spouse, sibling or child of a person who has a spinal cord injury.

Junior member – You must be less than 18 years of age and have a spinal cord injury or disability due to spinal cord injury, either by accident or disease (including polio). Junior members may not vote but are still welcome and encouraged to attend general meetings. You will need the consent of your parent or legal guardian when applying as a junior member.

Associate member – Anyone is eligible, but please be aware that associate members do not have the right to vote within the organisation.

Organisation membership – This membership is open to any business, corporation, community organisation or incorporated entity which is committed to supporting people with spinal cord injury and their families, and does not include the right to vote within Spinal Home Help.



Spinal Home Help Membership Form
Please include street #, name, suburb, city and postcode
Just write "as above" if your postal and residential address is the same
*Spinal Help has Public Liability Insurance of $20 000 000 **Membership Renewals due by 30th June each year
Please email or post proof of payment and your name to or PO Box 228, Moorooka 4105. Otherwise, please contact us to arrange payment, or SHH will be in touch.