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“Our unique and holistic approach inspires and empowers our clients to become financially independent. Our commitment is to educate humanity to strengthen our communities.”

Wealthology is an innovative, unique presence in the finance market, founded by Leonie Fitzgerald. Her savvy approach to property investment and determination to show others the path to financial freedom makes her a force to be reckoned with, and makes Wealthology a business to watch! Leonie knows the best way to create financial security for you and reduce your risk. Because she firmly believes property investment and making money should be a joyful experience.


Our Partnership

Many thousands of people in Australia don’t have access to programs and services provided by people who understand what they are going through after they experience the trauma of a spinal cord injury (SCI).  For those with spinal injuries (and their families) this can result in heartache, confusion, lack of resources and have devastating effects. Spinal Home Help (SHH) was formed to address this problem

SHH is working hard to build a community where they create real impact and by choosing to partner with this organisation we are helping to fund managed solutions that best respond to the needs of that community.  This means funding will be used for solutions identified for people with SCI and family, by people with SCI and family, whether it be for new or existing programs, services or recruiting a full-time fundraiser for the support centre campaign.

We at Wealthology are really pleased to be one of SHH’s impact partners and together we’re helping to support and encourage those with spinal injuries and their families through their recovery.  Every decision SHH makes is ultimately about maximising the impact they can have to improve quality of life for people with SCI and their loved ones in QLD, investing in and managing their programs and services in a way to ensure maximum benefit for the people who need it.

Their big, hairy, audacious goal is to build Australia’s first fully accessible support centre for people with spinal injury and their families, and this really got us fired up here at Wealthology! We quickly pulled together our networks and worked in conjunction with that of SHH to create a successful fundraising event with numerous auction and raffle items, getting the word out on social media and fully booking out the event.

The Spinal Home Help team are a great bunch of people who donate their time to do this work, and who we’re really honoured to have become partners with; the benefits of our relationship is so much more than simply raising money for a cause.  They’ve been very welcoming, are true professionals, passionate about helping people, are incredibly supportive and always bring wonderful energy and a collaborative spirit to all that they do.  We were very impressed at their large and diverse network, the amount of prizes which had been donated by their partners and the ease with which they pulled together such an incredible event.

They are driven to achieve genuine results and create real impact for not only their clients, but also their impact partners.  The happiness and success of their clients is a testament to their drive and determination and as an impact partner we’ve been very impressed by their willingness to help share our property investing business with their ‘people’.  They’ve been accommodating to all of our requests and have put forward some great suggestions on how we can work successfully together now and in to the future.

As the Founder of Wealthology Australia I highly recommend SHH.  Malakai has a big heart and is driven to empower as many people as he can with a spinal injury; he was a founding member of Spinal Home Help and he continues this work as its current President.  A true leader for an organisation with a real vision to help those in need.