The Board

The Board

  • Malakai Tava


    Malakai heads up Spinal Home Help as founder and current President. His early football career and stint in project management prepared him for the challenges of running a not-for-profit organisation, drawing on his experiences of injury, recovery and life-fulfilment.

  • Roshini Vohra


    Roshini Vohra is a cheerful lady who specialises in Accounting. She has a mixed background in Accounting, Finance and Support Worker. Roshini has completed a Masters in Professional Accounting. She has a certificate in Aged Care, and has attained invaluable experience working in that industry. She has had experience in the private accounting industry and a few years in the higher education sector. She is known for her professionalism and a variety of past experiences in Accounting.

  • Shanti Das

    Shanti Das


    Shanti has a legal background and currently works as in-house legal counsel for a large private company, as well as serving as Treasurer and Executive Committee member for the Association of Corporate Counsel Australia’s Queensland Division and participation in various mentoring programs.

  • James Borman

    Board Member

    James is a Certified Accountant with over 20 years’ experience in finance and financial management. Working as a commercial analyst in Australia’s mining industry, he brings his valuable financial expertise to the Spinal Home Help board.

  • Andrew Taylor

    Board Member

    Andrew has been a core part of the SHH team since day one, volunteering at every opportunity. Though his work at Retracom keeps him very busy, he still finds ways to dedicate his time to supporting Spinal Home Help.

  • John Lockhart

    Board Member

    John is the Executive Director of Customer Engagement, Information and Technologies Branch, Department of Education. John has a great deal of interest in how assistive technology can personalise learning and enhance equality and quality of life for those with a disability. John has been working for the Information and Technologies Branch for the last eight years. He joined Spinal Home Help (SHH) in 2018 as a board member and hopes to bring his commitment and technology focus to support the Vision of SHH.

  • Catriona Callaghan

    Catriona Callaghan

    Board Member

    Catriona has been involved with Spinal Home Help since its infancy in 2013 as a peer mentor supporting women with spinal cord injury (SCI). She is excited to be a new member on the Spinal Home Help board and hopes she can be of value with her 20 years of experience living with SCI.

  • Sarah Florendo

    Board Member

    A qualified lawyer specialising in corporate and commercial law. Sarah brings her expertise in corporate governance to assist Spinal Home Help in reaching its strategic goals and mission. Sarah has been active in the community sector in various roles, and now utilises her experience and commitment to promote and improve the welfare of people with spinal cord injuries.