Malakai Tava

Founder and current President of Spinal Home Help. In addition to his personal experience of injury, recovery and life fulfilment, Malakai brings the accumulated experience of establishing Spinal Home Help and his previous career experience in project management to aid Spinal Home Help.

James Borman

Has over 20 years of experience in finance and in financial management roles both in Australia and the United Kingdom. James has earned a Bachelor of Commerce, a Bachelor of Economics, and is a Certified Practicing Accountant. He is currently working as a Commercial Analyst in Australia’s mining industry and brings valuable financial management expertise to the Board.

Jeremy Bruce

Has over 20 years of experience as a legal professional acting for client’s in personal injuries claims. He is passionate about assisting his client’s be properly compensated so they and their families can return to as normal a life as possible post injury. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience through his role as Director of McNamara Law and in his as president of two local sporting clubs.

Steve Hoey

Has over 25 years of experience as an occupational therapist. In his private practice Steve works with patients with chronic pain as well as those attempting to return to work after injury. He is actively involved supporting charitable works, both domestically and overseas.

Lee Ng

With over two decades of professional experience as an occupational therapist, Lee brings a wealth of expertise in both therapeutic and consultative capacities. Specializing in rehabilitation, pain management, and occupational reintegration, he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals facing disabilities. Lee’s extensive background is complemented by his ongoing dedication to an organization devoted to alleviating the isolation of young people with disabilities and fostering meaningful connections for them.