Spinal Home Help is an agent and advocate for the spinal injuries community of Queensland. We  facilitate programs, services and workshops as well as information and support,from the time that people are first admitted to hospital after their injury, through to their discharge from rehabilitation and beyond.

Our organisation was founded by people with spinal injury and our families; that legacy of of lived experience, mutual trust and self-determination still lives on,as our organisation continues to be run by people with spinal injury. Our first hand experience of this life change enables us to tailor our programs and services to the client and to meet needs that may have been overlooked.

We are dedicated to ensuring that that no person with a spinal injury or condition, or their families and loved ones, ever feel isolated or disengaged from their communities again.

Spinal Home Help's mission is never to accept what we are told will not change, but rather to make change when it becomes unacceptable for people with spinal cord injury and their families.

our vision


Spinal Home Help strives for all Queenslanders living with spinal injury or condition to have full choice and control over their lives, and to be able to access any and all supports they may need, from the time they are first admitted into the spinal injuries unit through to discharge and beyond. SHH is dedicated to ensuring that every person with a spinal injury is able to comfortably live with their family and participate fully in their communities.

our values


A Person - Spinal Home Help understands and respects that each person is different, and our services reflect the need to tailor support and care to each individual's needs.

A Voice - Spinal Home Help values the right of our clients and members to speak up and to be heard in every aspect of their personal support and care.

An Advocate - Spinal Home Help strives to support all clients and individuals and to speak up for the rights of Queenslanders with spinal injury, their families and friends when they struggle to advocate for themselves.

our history


During his recovery in the Princess Alexandra Spinal Injuries Unit, Malakai Tava was known for his passion and determination to better the lives of people with spinal injury and other disabilities.

Due to funding arrangements and legislation at the time, Malakai was told that upon his discharge from the Spinal Unit that he would be placed in a group habitation setting (a nursing home) if his family was unable to provide care for him. Frustrated that people with spinal injury were forced to live in nursing homes, at such young ages and so far from their families, Malakai undertook a campaign while still in the Spinal Unit, to push legislators, health and government bodies to provide better care and funding packages for people with spinal injury and their families.

The campaign was a success, and many years of advocacy and improved legislation later, along with a small team of people with spinal injury, family and friends, Malakai successfully founded Spinal Home Help Incorporated (SHH) in 2013, a volunteer run service provider and peer mentoring organisation for people with spinal injury and their family. We envision a future where all Queenslanders with spinal injury have the confidence and supports to engage with their communities and live life to the fullest, and continue to work hard to achieve that goal.